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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Star For A Day

Star For A Day...that's how I felt when I received this birthday gift from my Friend Dee!

Thank you so much Dee!

And now that 'Allo 'Allo is over to celebrate I went and had chocolate and purple put into my hair...
I didn't think that was suitable for the 1940's which us when the play is set.
I'll be back with a post on it all......but for now I'm having an easy day!!! Dzintra xo

Friday, April 4, 2014

~Girls Day In The Country......Saturday~

Further to my previous post on GDITC at Nundle once we entered the door we were greeted by these delightful boxes with our project from our Tutor for the day.......Lynette Anderson

Fabric in the box from her latest design

and all kitted out ready to start!!!

The project was a bag and this is the front of it

the back

and my first hexagon!!!

Upon entering the Hall I spotted this quilt called 'Waiting for Santa' by Lynette and thought it looked very, very familiar
As it was I had seen it before in another version at Braidwood and fell in love with it there also
To see the post on this quilt have a look here

Needles to say I bought the pattern and have it set aside to start one of these days!!!

The centrepiece on the table

There was a Show and Tell featuring Lynette's made up items and I showed off my Simple Stitches needle case

Kerry hosted a Friendship Swap which was a needle case designed by Lynette

and Lynda received mine

I received mine from Suzie

Pic taken with Lynette

Some of Lynette's quilts on display

This one is Love Letters and I'm very tempted to do this
Perhaps next year when I go back!!!

There was a Show and Tell later that evening and here I am together with Chookyblue showing off our Gardener's Journal Quilts by Anni Downs
Note the different colours......Chooky has done hers in all greens

Some Kind of Wonderful also by Anni

 A group photo of us all

And the most exciting thing for JoJo was the next morning when Bruce McCumstie was telephoned by the owners/managers of the Cabins we stayed at and requested if he would come down and sign a CD that he is featured on!!!

Jo Jo purchased the CD in Nundle and it is called 4 Highwaymen depicting

Willie Nelson who Bruce was,
Waylon Jennings......Rob Wilson
Johnny Cash......Alan Bowles
Kris Kristofferson.....Bryen Williams

Thank you so much Fossicker's Rest and Bruce!!!!!!

Have been very busy here in the local production of 'Allo 'Allo by Bay Theatre Players and will be back to post on that!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

~OPAM (One Project A Month).....March 2014~

How quickly does OPAM come around!!!
For March I have completed 2 small items
The first is a Needlebook designed by Lynette Anderson which was used for a Friendship Swap at Girls Day in the Country hosted by Kerry

I even used my machine to do a decorative stitch to hold the felt down to the lining!!!

My DD asked me to knit up a 'Snood' from the pattern below and she will finish it off herself
Looks like it will be pretty warm too!!!

Thank you to Sweet Peg and Kris for hosting OPAM again this year!!!

My poor laptop (Pearl) died on me and I haven't been able to get around and comment to everyone and read blogs
Mr Armchair came to the rescue and now I have a new 'Magical Pearl' 
I call it magical as I was just so lucky I had copied everything early March and was able to transfer it all across to the new Pearl......
A good reminder to me to keep everything updated regularly!!!!!!

Happy Stitching......Dzintra xo

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

~Girls Day In The Country 2014~

We are back from a lovely Girls Day in the Country hosted by the gorgeous Kerry 

The 2 first things I packed were my sewing basket and JoJo's suitcase

Then off for an overnight stay with my 2 little grandchildren

After  10 hours of driving with stops Mr Armchair, JoJo and I finally arrived at beautiful Nundle!

This is what the road 30k out looked like.......a storm had been and there was a rainbow

Welcoming signs in

We pull up at the cabins and JoJo says 'Mum's friends (aka Girlfriends)

First stop in town was the delightful Odgers & McLelland Exchange Stores established in 1891 full of vintage style cookware, real brooms, enamel etc.......with not a plastic item in stock......suits me right down to the ground LOL!!!

I also bought an Ostrich Feather Duster
something I have been wanting for years and years

I also ended up buying a coffee pot very similar to the ones above except taller
I call it my 'Dances With Wolves' coffee pot
perfect on the stovetop when there is a blackout

Some enamel bakeware perfect for Shepherd's Pie

(pics with kind permission from Odgers & McLelland)

One of the first Girlfriends I saw was Shez

and Chez!!!

After that up to Kerry's shop

and for you Geo (no blog)

Wooden table in the shop

Timber Basket

Cute birdhouse

Cattle grazing

Also treated myself to a lovely felt hat

Chookyblue hosted a Make It, Fake It or Buy it Swap

and she opted to have JoJo for a partner
above is what JoJo received
a pencil case, milkbottle lollies (her favourite), some stickers and fluro wand
Thanks so much Chooky!!!

I received from Gail a hand towel embroidered with Grub Roses and soap from Goondowindi

The gift I gave was Buy It.....a book received by Lynda

Finished by Dinner for us here at The Peel Inn......we use to live at Peel outside of Bathurst so nice memories at the sound of this name.  

More of the actual day coming!!!

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